Wednesday, 25 January 2017

On Writing

Everyone has a story within them. It doesn't mean that they will write it or that they are writers. But everyone has a story. The shelves are full of boy meets girls stores (or hopefully boy meets boy and girl meets girl these days too let's be equal shall we?) or coming of age stories.
I just read a short article written by someone who was commenting on how there shouldn't be a book written by this characters from the tv show 'Gilmore Girls' what I found very strange was this was someone who must have some interest in writing,to sit down and spend some time writing an article, saying that this character didn't have an interesting story. Now you may not have seen the show but Rory's mother left her home as a teen mother and raised her daughter alone with no help from her family, estranged from her family. Rory grew up and went to a private school and University (spoilers!) she left briefly after her boyfriend's father shattered her confidence and made her feel like she could not be a journalist. She ended up going from star student and role model to a criminal, after being upset and stealing a boat with her boyfriend. A mistake which she had to be punished for. Sorry I digress.. my point is she has a story to tell.
There are many books out there with drama, a story is just conflict or drama. A character with a problem. That's a story, And this character had problem- so she had a story.

Everyone has problems in life, maybe they left school and got stuck in a dead end job (oh, wait that's mine sorry) or left Uni after a short amount of time for various reasons (sorry, me again) or saved someone's life once (my father) or was in an abusive relationship or lost a child, or battled with a disease, or had a disease. Everyone has a story to tell, just flip through the women's magazines. Do all these teen celebs who have books on the shelves have a story? That's up for debate.
A story yes, a good story?
It all depends on perspective and of course the writer themselves.

I'm off to find myself a story to read... Lord of the Rings reread,

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