Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Special Books, Favourite Books

There's something special about books, you start reading them and you're transported into a different world. But do you ever get that one book which is more special than the others? A book that means something to you?
I have a lot of favourite books that I reread when I can (Jane Eyre, The Lord of the Rings). But one in particular stands out for me.

I bought The Historian years and years ago when I was visiting one of my favourite places Tenby (in Wales).

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 I started reading it straight away, we were sitting on a bench and I started reading it, I don't usually do this. And I couldn't stop reading.
Now every time I read The Historian I remember where I was when I first started reading it. And when I visit Tenby I might think about The Historian, it's a riveting read.
Does anyone else have that sort of connection with a book? That you can remember the very first time you read it? Where you were? I don't often get that. I do remember reading books in my teens and how much I loved them, in fact I read The Historian in my teens.

Off on a tangent for a moment: I knew about The Historian a while before I decided to read it, I was put off by the idea that it was a story featuring Dracula (I hate it when they pinch other people's characters) but I loved it! I was put off reading A Discovery of Witches because of negative reviews, but I loved it. I'm rereading it this year and I'm a member of the facebook fan group.
I also this year read books I would never read as I thought that I'd hate them. There's a lesson here somewhere, maybe I'll learn it one day.

Happy Reading!

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