Monday, 13 March 2017

Trip to the library

Lovely walk in this dry and mild weather. It's starting to feel like spring now ☺ I haven't been to the library for ages. I've been good trying to get through the books on my shelves. My work hours/overtime have been cut so why not.

These were my choices. I've been meaning to read 'The Muse' since it came out I read 'The Minaturist' first. And I never usually read books like Jenny Colgan's so new genre for me and I loved the idea. It also sounds uplifting and I feel the need of something uplifting....

Thinking of trying crime next. Peter May has a series set on Lewis island. But I have to read 'Little Beach Street Bakery' first. It was recommended to me on one of the forums I visit: readitswapit.  Let you know what I think

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